Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I contact other readers?
Check our website Study Group Directory.  If you can’t find anything local, call us at 303-467-7858 in the USA or email us at contact@thespiritualfellowship.org.


2. Is this a cult?
No.  There are no charismatic leaders, group-held beliefs, rituals or requirements.  Small groups of readers gather locally around the world to study the book together.  Two organizations exist to publish and distribute books.  The United States and many countries have independent social organizations which work locally to facilitate study and the socialization of readers.  The Urantia Book Fellowship is one of these.


3. Is this a new religion?
No.  The Urantia Book in its 14 translations is read by people of many religions around the world—as well as by individuals with no religious affiliation—to enrich their personal spiritual experience.


4. What is its relationship to the Bible?
The Urantia Book illuminates the Biblical narrative by expanding the context in which its great stories are understood–from Adam and Eve, through Melchizedek, to Jesus and the New Testament period.


5. What is The Urantia Book Fellowship?
It is the original reader organization dating back to the time of the publication of The Urantia Book in 1955.  Its purpose is to promote the study of the book and to interest sincere religionists of all faiths in exploring its magnificent treasures.  More about the organization and its history may be found on our “About Us,” “Mission,” and “History” pages.


6. What is the Urantia Book?
It is a book about our world.  It describes the origin, history and destiny of human beings in a friendly and well-ordered universe that is sustained and upheld by a loving God.


7. What is Urantia?
Urantia is another name for Earth.  It is a word coined from ancient languages and literally means, “Your place in the heavens.”


8. Where can I buy a book?
Visit the online Urantia Book Store.


9. Where can I get more information?


10. Who wrote The Urantia Book?
The Urantia Book was compiled by a group of superhuman authors and editors who worked with material collected from more than 1,000 human sources in the fields of science, history, philosophy and religion.See also, “Who Wrote The Urantia Book?”